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Gamine Physical Profile

NOTE: The following information should be taken as a broad outline of what makes a Gamine. It is the overall combination of a combination of opposites on the Yin/Yang scale (sharply delicate physicality along with a fresh and spicy essence) that creates this Image Identity category. Therefore, slight deviation here or there is always possible and should not be worried over if it does not upset your Yin/Yang balance.


5 feet 5 inches and under.

Bone Structure:

Narrow - sometimes described as delicate.
Square or tapered shoulders (tend to narrowness, as opposed to broad).
Delicately sharp facial contours (nose, jaw, cheekbones).
Hands and feet are moderate to small, and tend to narrowness.
Arms and legs tend to be long.

Body type:

Lithe and lean, tends toward sinewy musculature.
Tends toward flatness in bust and hips (unless overweight).
May be very leggy (coltish).
Possibility of being slightly short-waisted.

Facial features:

Large eyes.
Moderate to thin lips (narrow or straight, as opposed to full).
Taut cheeks and flesh.


Any type is possible but frequently hair is fine and silky.


Any coloring is possible (warm or cool), but Gamines are usually distinct or vivid in coloration. Moderate-to-high-contrast coloring is often the case).

If overweight:

Excess weight tends to show up in the hip and waist areas:rarely does it appear above the waist. If a Gamine is extremely overweight, the body tends to square or stocky appearance, as opposed to curves.

A Gamine will not:

Be over 5 feet 5 inches (and is usually even more petite).
Have extremely large bone structure.
Have prominent or exotic features (except for enormous eyes).
Have large hands and feet.
Have an hourglass figure, with a waspish waist and full bust and hips.
Be symmetrical in body type or facial features.

GAMINE'S (Combination of Opposites):
*Leslie Caron*, Mia Farrow, Edith Piaf, Coco Chanel, Geraldine Chaplin, Jean Seberg, Paulette Goddard, Rosana Arquette, Pat Benatar, Heather Locklear

Leslie Caron (*Kibbe's Prime Gamine Celebrity)

Mia Farrow

Edith Piaf

Coco Chanel

Geraldine Chaplin

Jean Seberg

Paulette Goddard

Rosana Arquette

Pat Benatar

Heather Locklear

Kibbe's Prime Gamine Celebrity - Leslie Caron

Gamine example from Kibbe's book 'Metamorphosis'

Marcy came to my studio shortly after having a baby. Although she was still feeling apprehensive about her post-pregnancy figure, many women would give their eyeteeth to be as boyishly thin as Marcy actually was! basically, she dressed in extremely unstructured and oversized clothing designed to obscure her petite stature. Like many Gamines I've worked with over the years, Marcy had always considered her height a liability and had spent a great deal of her life trying to "dress tall".

My first concern was to get Marcy to perceive her natural qualities in a positive light. Physically, she was filled with contradictions: small in stature, with extremely large facial features, she possessed a very defined bone structure that was nevertheless quite delicate (combination of opposties). What's more, inside she was dynamic, vitally alive, and an absolute bundle of energy--she certainly didn't feel small!

My prescription for Marcy's metamorphosis: Capture her extraordinary energy in her appearance, while retaining the crisp, fresh qualities that are the key to her special, endearing appeal. Sculpted shapes with sharp edges that skim the body form the basis of her clothing. A staccato silhouette expresses Marcy's vivacious animation by utilizing an excess of detail such as piping, outlining, and crisp trimmings. High color contrast and a mixed, multicolored effect further breaks up her line, and avoids becoming boringly over-blended.

Marcy's plain hairstyle prevented her large eyes and delicately sharp facial structure from sparkling. We gave a "boyishly chic" style that is cropped close to the face, with heavy layering on top and lots of feathering around her face. This keeps her always looking tousled, fresh, and slightly mischievous, as her total look requires.

Marcy's makeup, from a yellow-based, rich palette, complements her warm, fiery coloring. A smoky makeup of matte products with crisp and deep intensities keep her enormous "doe" eyes twinkling.

When Marcy finally remarked to me that for the first time in her life, she felt proud to be so petite and delicate, I knew we'd won the battle together. At last, she feels sparkling, fresh, and charmingly chic!



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